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Our Passion Motivates Our Art

We’re Michael and Sarah, a married couple who divide our time between Los Angeles, California and Rome, Italy. Before we started Cello Films, we worked for fifteen years as a non-fiction and documentary producer (Sarah) and editor/cinematographer (Michael). Our work has been featured on CBS, NBC, National Geographic, Bravo, A+E, Discovery, MTV, VH1, and Facebook, among others.


After having our own destination wedding and the birth of our son, we pivoted to build a family business that celebrates love, creativity, and cinematic filmmaking. If there’s one thing we learned from working in Hollywood and living in Italy, it’s how to tell stories that are visually spectacular while being incredibly romantic. We aim to create a classic film that takes all your best memories of your wedding day and transforms them into your own personal documentary.


As we were building our company, we knew almost immediately that we would call it Cello Films.

After years of toiling in television production, the driving force behind pivoting our careers was our son, Marcel. His nickname "Cello" evolved from "Marcello" - the name our Italian friends have called him since he was a baby.

"Cello" also has a symbolic meaning to the types of films we want to make. With a similar tone to the human voice, a cello can take you on an emotional journey. It has a sound that is at once elegant, dreamy, and vibrant.

We hope that each film that we make captures the essence of both the beautiful instrument and the joyful child.

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We want to hear more about your story.

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